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Rob Sauce:  The smoky, grill-flavored, tangy, gourmet glaze with a's the story

       First off, the ingredients for Rob Sauce originated in Destin, FL but was eventually all put together in the Salt Lake City area. It was back in 2009 when the amazing recipe for Rob Sauce was concocted by Rob Clark himself while trying to perfect a bbq sauce blend that had a unique flavor separating it from any other. Previously (in the early to mid 90's), while Rob was serving the United States Air Force, he would host a few parties here and there where one of his main party appetizers was hot wings, in which, he would purchase in mass quantities from a local Hooters restaurant. Once he realized how big of a hit that hot wings were at parties, he decided to make up his own version of wing sauce with flavors that he had known to appease his taste buds over the years.

      After making what he thought was the best tasting wing sauce ever made, one day, his daughter Raevynne and son Robert III (nicknamed Tre) approached him about making a wing sauce that was more kid-friendly and not so spicy. He then took his skills back to the kitchen on track to come up with a great tasting wing sauce that his kids could enjoy as well as their friends. Rob played around with a few Asian sweet'n sour sauces that he found online until he came up with one that he was pleased with. He then tested his new flavor out on his kids whom welcomed it with joy. One day, Rob decided that he would attempt to make a bbq sauce that he could use on grilled meats since grilling was becoming one of his favorite ways to cook meats. He wondered how his original wing sauce would taste mixed with the sauce that he made up for his kids while adding a few ingredients that he had liked to use when preparing meats for the grill and with a few tweaks here and there, Rob Sauce was invented, the smoky, grill flavored, tangy gourmet glaze with a kick!

       Now that Rob had this flavor in which he thought was, by far, the best tasting flavor that he had ever made, he began to try it out on a few of his local friends in the Salt Lake City area. After a while, each time that he got on the grill, he would gain more and more people who would invite others to try out his newly invented flavor. Rob began to gain a following which eventually became the base of his present day clientele.

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